Condo Seminars

Seminars & Education We offer several seminars throughout the year to help educate the Board of Directors that we work with on a variety of topics. Additionally, we are members of the Michigan Chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI) that also offers classes, articles and other such resources for additional educational opportunities. On the right are the upcoming and seminars hosted by Cummings Property Management. Click the links to learn more and register.

United Condominium Owners of Michigan 43rd Annual Seminar -

Past Seminars

Presentations, handouts and any resources from our past seminars

Communities and VOCID-19: Copic with the Pandemic - Feb 2021
Attorney Steve Sowell
Power Point Presentation and Supporting Docs

Is it time to Amend your Governing Documents - May 2019
Attorney Kevin Hirtzel
Power Point Presentation

Regulation Co-owner Beharvior - Oct, 2018
Attorney Steve Sowell
Power Point Presentation

Board Member Symposium
Changes to the Non-Profit Corp Act - Attorney Steve Sowell 
Presentation and Supporting Docs

Hoarding, Smoking and Othe Nuisances - Attorney Steve Guerra

Legal Seminar: Amending the Governing Documents

Upcoming Events