Vendor Services

Vendor Promise

Cummings Property Management does not own any interest in any 3rd party services that are rendered on the communities that we manage.  Therefore, we do not have any relationship that will conflict with our client's interests nor does it prohibit new vendors from being introduced.  

Vendors are required to register with Cummings Management as both a New Vendor and then on an annual basis refresh the information so that current information is kept on hand and properly tracked.  As a service to our communities, our accounting system is programmed to not cut a check when our tracking shows that an insurance policy has lapsed.  Proper insurance is one of the critical management tools we provide to limit exposure for our clients.  

Vendor Invoicing

You may submit invoices using one of the following methods:

By Fax:

By Mail:
Cummings Property Management
P.O Box 4579
Dept. 101
Houston, TX 77210-4579

By e-mail - please use the invoice submission form on the right of this page

Helpful Information for Vendors

All new vendors are required to complete and return the forms listed below and attach the requested documentation before your firm can be considered an approved vendor and thus eligible for payment for goods and/or services performed.

  • Independent Vendor Information Form
  • W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
  • Copy of your Trade Name Registration from the Secretary of State
  • Vendor Agreement Disclaimer of Liability Form
  • Liability Insurance Certificate from your Insurance Agent with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 in Liability Coverage
  • Current Workers Compensation Certificate (or in the case of a Sole Proprietor the Sole Proprietor, Independent Contractor Workers Compensation Indemnity Agreement Completed and Notarized)

The insurance information listed above is tracked by Cummings Property Management at a high level to ensure limits of liability to their clients.  Should a vendor's insurance lapse, our office will not issue further payment until proof of current coverage. 

You will receive the status of your application within a short period of time upon applying for approved status.

Invoice Submission